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visual artist with

African Roots

Born in Namibia in the '60s, I grew up most of my year's in South Africa. With a country with such great diversities within the nature and culture. But also a country with a lot of unrest and uncertainty, which made me withdraw into a lot in my youth
my art.

Desiring to create, I went to art school, that resulted having worked numerous years at international advertising agencies as an
Art Director. In 1995 I made the drastic step in the educational field in the 'Township'
Due to an increasing feeling of insecurity, I decided
to emigrate to the Netherlands in 1999, together with my two daughters.
After obtaining my teaching license, I worked as an English teacher in secondary education. At the moment I have taken a different path to delve into my passion and to rediscover my own creative qualities.




Being creative

is not a hobby,

it is a way of life.

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