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visual artist with

African Roots

Born in Namibia in the '60s, I grew up most of my year's in South Africa. With a country with such great diversities within the nature and culture. But also a country with a lot of unrest and uncertainty, which made me withdraw into a lot in my youth
my art.

Desiring to create, I went to art school, that resulted having worked numerous years at international advertising agencies as an
Art Director. In 1995 I made the drastic step in the educational field in the 'Township'
Due to an increasing feeling of insecurity, I decided
to emigrate to the Netherlands in 1999, together with my two daughters.
After obtaining my teaching license, I worked as an English teacher in secondary education. At the moment I have taken a different path to delve into my passion and to rediscover my own creative qualities.


De taal 
van mijn kunstwerk
is mijn innerlijke rust,
dat breekt door
in alle ruige lagen van

de Afrikaanse cultuur
en natuur.

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